December 14, 2009

Pouring on the Gags?

I have to say, when I first saw this new commercial earlier today, I had just eaten breakfast and I came very close to spewing it back up again, so watch at your own risk:

It's a new ad by the New York City health department meant to discourage folks from drinking even one can of soda or other sugary drink a day, since research shows that just that small amount can amount to 10 pounds gained per year, largely contributing to the obesity epidemic. I'm down with the message, and never had any, ahem, "negative reaction" to the related subway poster ad campaign the department launched in September, but I'm not sure if this is a little much. But if it really curbs soda consumption, who knows?

Poor guy though, right? I wonder what was really in that cup...


  1. Actually, I think it's brilliant! Best of all, its one of the rare occasions where a public health message comes right out and says "Don't eat (or drink" this" -- usually the food lobbies are too strong and the message gets watered down. Bet the execs at Coke and Pepsi aren't too happy 'bout this one. Thanks for posting -- we haven't seen anything like this in the DC area yet.

  2. Thanks for the info...the picture is gross, I've seen this on TV. Thank goodness it doesn't apply to maritinis.